Domain is very cautious about the privacy of its users. Here we would explain how your privacy
is kept with care. By accessing our website, you agree to all the privacy policies of domain.

No sharing of data with a third party

We do not aim at sharing your personal information with any other third party. All the selected
data that is collected about you is only for the internal use of domain.

Statistical data collection

Your data may be gathered and stored to prepare statistical data for internal use only. The
purpose of statistical data is to prepare reports. This helps us to improve on the areas we need
to work on.
These reports are also for internal use of domain.

Third party links on domain

We may also use third party links on our website pages. These links may take you to a different
website which may have other privacy policy different from ours. These third-party links may be
for promotional purposes. It may also take you to other websites which provide the complete
possible information required for the products and services.

Order page

When on the order page of our products you may be asked for your personal details like contact
number and address.All these information is stored in the database for delivery purpose.. You
may also be requested some other relevant information related to your product delivery. All
these products related information about you would never be shared with anybody for a purpose
other than your service. Your contact details may be provided to a delivery agent who is there to
deliver the ordered product to your door.

Payment gateway

While ordering any of the products of our website you may also have to enter your bank account
information on the payment gateway. We mostly hire third-party payment gateways which are
more reliable and best for secure payments. These payment gateways are totally safe for you to
share your bank account information with them for payment. In the case of non-delivery of your
product, your payment will be refunded to you.

Feedback and support system

All the information that you share with our feedback and support team is also kept private. It is
highly recommended do not share any sensitive information like your bank account passwords
with support and feedback team. In case of your payment issues, you may be asked for your
order reference number.

In order to serve you best, we do have to collect some information about you which is never
used for wrong purposes. We would always make you know how your information is used.

In case of doubts and confusions, our support team is always there to help you.